16 Sep - 18 Sep 2009 Mulu

Malaysian Borneo
Sarawak aka Land of the Hornbills
Camp Five (c. 80 m above sea level)
Rugged dorm bed for MYR 30.- or US$ 8.60 per person per night.

Click below for an interactive road map of Camp Five in Mulu and for directions:

Hiring the competent and friendly Christian Lun Bawang guide Roland (his fee: MYR 80.- per person for three days of his service) and teaming up with fellow international travellers Claire & Toby from the United Kingdom and Alicja from Poland for (i) a guided tour (MYR 10.- per person) through the Wind Cave, situated above an ancient Berawan burial site, and through the Clearwater Cave, formed by an underground river which emerges near the cave mouth, and (ii) a three-day trek to feared The Pinnacles (a fantastic and must-see forest of razor-sharp limestone peaks clustered 45 m above the rainforest on the flanks of 1,732-m high Gunung Api) thus chartering a longboat (MYR 90.- per person, return) and going upriver on the Sungai Melinau to Kuala Litut, thereafter hiking through leech-infested jungle to the bee-infested Camp 5 for the overnight stay and clambering the unrelentingly steep path (it is only 2.4 km long but rises 1,200 m; the last part is near vertical with ropes and ladders to climb) up to the top of The Pinnacles of Mulu.

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2009 Map Konni & Matt

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