20 Jan - 21 Jan 2010 Kota Bharu

Kelantan Darul Naim
Jl. Padang Garong Tingkat 1
Adequate double room for MYR 30.- or US$ 9.- per night.

Click below for an interactive road map of the KB Backpackers Lodge in Kota Bharu and for directions:


Making time for a short stroll through Kota Bharu's rather uninspiring town centre, hiring thereafter a taxi for MYR 20.- or US$ 5.80 from Kota Bharu to Wakaf Baharu’s cute train station +6097196986 and boarding together with hundreds regular commuters the local Jungle Train (which traverses Peninsular Malaysia’s mountainous, jungle-clad interior and serves the smaller kampungs that are not accessible by roads) to the small frontier town of Gua Musang +6099121226 for MYR 7.20 per person in the KTM mail train's rugged “budget class”.

Rendezvousing with our Sabahan/Chinese friends Christina & Liau from Kuala Lumpur right below the majestic Gua Musang, an ancient limestone outcrop (like the ones we saw in Xingping or Halong Bay) after which the timber-cum-railway town of Gua Musang has been named, and sharing their spacious Toyota Unser 1.8 GLi for the next eight days and 720 km thus exploring together the remote countryside of the Malaysian states Kelantan (“Land of Lightning”) and Perak (“Land of Grace”) off the Banana-Pancake-Trail's beaten track; great fun again, many thanks, Christina & Liau, for consistently being such wonderful and easygoing travel buddies!

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