24 Jan - 25 Jan 2010 Jeli

Kelantan Darul Naim
Lake Pergau
The Floating Chalets
Floating double room for MYR 60.- or US$ 17.50 per night;
boat ride for MYR 10.- or US$ 2.90 per person (return).

Click below for an interactive road map of the Floating Chalets on Lake Pergau and for directions:

Exploring the friendly and very Muslim one-horse kampung of Dabong, situated at the confluence of Sungai Galas and Sungai Pergau, and noticing that the roads seem to have more signs with quotes from the Koran than actual traffic instructions, with many signs written in Jawi, the old Arabic script for Malay.


Visiting en-route the spectacular Jelawang waterfall (Gunung Stong State Forest Park), one of Kelantan’s star attractions and allegedly the highest waterfall in Southeast Asia at a height of 303 m, taking a bath in the crystal-clear water of its natural rock whirl-pools after a steep climb through leech-infested rainforest and later soothing our feet in the 60-degree water of the reasonably clean Jeli hot springs, situated about 100 km south of Kota Bharu.    

Enjoying a very, very, very relaxing evening, away from it all, on one of those awesome floating chalets on Lake Pergau: (i) in excellent company (Christina & Liau), (ii) with excellent food (Maggi mee and Tiger beer) and (iii) with excellent rock 'n' roll from our laptop computers (Stones and Scorpions) - life is good!
“The best is yet to come
I know, you know
That we've only just begun
Through the highs and lows
And how can I live without you
You're such a part of me
And you've always been the one
Keeping me forever young
And the best is yet to come…”

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