23 Jan - 24 Jan 2010 Dabong

Kelantan Darul Naim
Rumah Rehat Dabong
Basic double room for only MYR 20. - or US$ 5.85 per night.

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Meeting an indigenous Orang Asli Batek tribe in their make-shift settlement of bamboo lean-tos in Pos Lebir, negrito nomadic hunters and gatherers who resemble Melanesians and are closely related to the tribal people of the Andaman Islands: (i) learning about the hardship in their day-to-day life in the encroaching 21st century and also about their biggest source of income, the collection of rare and fragrant agarwood chips (Aquilaria crassna) aka gaharu (allegedly up to MYR 15,000.- or US$ 4,500.- per kg for top quality) which are used in the incense and perfume industry, and (ii) attending a funeral ceremony in the jungle which was organised by the Malaysian government’s eager Islamic liaison officer in order to convert the animistic Batek tribe into loyal Muslims.
“We Batek are rich if we have a cooking pot, digging stick, bush-knife, lighter, tobacco, salt and fishing pole. Also a man is sad if he doesn't have a blowpipe. We only want four or five sarongs, we don't need trousers. If we live in Pos Lebir, we need money, if we have money we buy a lot. But if we have no money, no problem, we reject possessions. When we live in the rain forest, we don't need them. We can dig tubers. If someone doesn't have food, others give it as in the old days.

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