15 Sep - 18 Sep 2011 Palu

Republic of Indonesia
Central Sulawesi
Jalan Raden Saleh 50
Hotel Andalas +62451422332 liza_limarni@yahoo.com
Adequate twin room with attached bathroom (Indonesian bak mandi) and communal balcony for INR 100,000.- or US$ 11.75 per night, including a light breakfast for two.
Beer: 620-ml bottles of ice-cold Bintang Pilsener from the Palu Mitra Utama store (Jalan W. Monginsidi 33) for a reasonable INR 23,200.- or US$ 2.70 per bottle.

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Exploring the rather nondescript, untouristed and dirty city Palu, the rugged capital of Central Sulawesi and supposedly one of the driest places in Indonesia, cruising the city every which way by means of those convenient and ubiquitous light-blue Mitsubishi minibus (shared) taxis aka pete-pete (inner city tariff: INR 3,000.- per person) and trying to elicit some useful intel for our upcoming trip into the large and remote Lore Lindu National Park from the innocent and uninformed rangers-turned-bureaucrats in the Balai Taman Nasional Lore Lindu office.

Sharing a regular Kijang taxi from Palu’s useless Terminal Petobo, c. 5 km out of town, and driving south through spick and span villages lined with red bougainivilleas in flower pots and with drying copra, cocoa and rice on straw mats along the road side, to Kulawi (72 km, 2 hours, INR 25,000.- per person), the gate to the Lore Lindu National Park, and thereafter securing two seats in another Kijang taxi to the 790-m high hamlet of Toro (20 km, 1 hour, INR 25,000.- per person).

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