27 Sep - 29 Sep 2011 Bomba

Republic of Indonesia
Central Sulawesi
Losmen Ningsih +6285241488000
Overpriced, small twin room with attached bathroom (Indonesian mandi) and with a nice communal porch, including breakfast and dinner for two, for INR 125,000.- or US$ 13.80 per night.
Duty-free but heavily diluted Cap Tikus aka Bada Valley Moonshine available from the neighbouring Islamic “supermarket” for INR 30,000.- or US$ 3.30 per litre.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Losmen Ningsih in Bomba and for directions:

Hiking independently the beautiful Bada Valley along the Sungai Lariang (Sulawesi’s largest river), meeting helpful and hospitable Suku Bada people, young and old, and bagging Central Sulawesi’s historical star attractions, its mysterious (always west facing) first millennium CE megaliths, large stone carvings along the lines of those on Easter Island: (i) the female Batung Langke Bulawa near Bomba, (ii) the female Batung Loga near Pada, (iii) Batung Kerbau, the Buffalo Rock, near Runde, (iv) Batung Oba, the Monkey Rock, near Lengkeka and (v) the super star, the king-size, male Batung Palindo near Bewa at S 01° 51.57' and E 120° 15.30'.

Meeting a couple of up-market tourists from Western countries and learning that the going rates for a local tour guide start at a gross price of INR 600,000.- or US$ 66.- per day (of course, he comes with car and driver since a “licensed” guide can’t use public transport), almost the price of a reliable and non-gibbering handheld GPS receiver:

Taking the same, rugged Pamonaraya bus +6281341175080 back to Tentena (65 km, 4 ½ hours, INR 60,000.- or US$ 6.60 per person), another bone-shaking bus journey from hell with awful music and cramped seats.    

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