12 Jul - 15 Jul 2007 Khor Shinab

Central Red Sea
Republic of the Sudan
Khor Shinab
East of Quoin Hill
SY "Kamu II" at anchor, at 10 m depth, on mud; c. 0.5 nm east of the distinctive Quoin Hill.

Click below for an interactive satellite view of our anchorage:
N 21° 21.07' E 037° 00.66'

Being hit at night by an intimidating African thunderstorm with giant cloud towers and impressive swathes of lightnings, which lit up the night sky like daylight, but with no rain to wash down the sand from the previous haboob as rain evaporates in the hot, dry air (a phenomenon known as virga).

Matt: Climbing Quoin Hill and hiking over a thick carpet of shells and fossils into the hinterland of this isolated khor.

Matt: Dismantling and cleaning the blocked carburettor of our 4-hp Mariner outboarder from fine powder sand which had entered it through seemingly airtight plastic covers after a few nasty sand storms.

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2007 Map Konni & Matt

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