10 Nov - 11 Nov 2009 Yeh Gangga

Republic of Indonesia
Never mind Indonesia, welcome to Bali, the Island of Gods
Yeh Gangga Beach
Bali Wisata Bungalows +623617443561 erikronald@yahoo.com
Clean and spacious double room in a garden bungalow with continental breakfast for two for IDR 220,00.- or US$ 23.30 per night. Indifferent, German speaking staff.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Bali Wisata Bungalows at Yeh Gangga Beach, which we would recommend, and for directions:

Visiting a few of Bali’s most sacred temples (a) where the mortals can meet the gods, (b) where the living can meet the dead and (c) where the tourists can meet the natives: (i) the most venerated and ever-thronged, but very touristy sea temple pura Tanah Lot with its pleasant outlook over the Indian Ocean, (ii) the rather mystical, 12th-century CE pura Sada with a 16-m high tower and elaborate stone carvings, originally a sanctuary of the Mengwi royalty and located near the village of Pupuan, and (iii) pura Pucak Anyaran, situated c. five kilometres northeast of Tabanan and built c. 30 m below street level.

Getting lost in Bali's maze of side roads and exploring traditional villages in the immediate vicinity of Tabanan, spotting many penjors (tall, curved bamboo pole decorated with coconut leaves with an offering at the base) and sesajens (square palm-leaf trays little bigger than a saucer, topped with flowers, small change and food [especially glutinous rice and/or modern touches such as Pringles crisps or individually-wrapped lollies]), watching skilled wood carvers how they made beautifully carved doors, windows and religious figures out of belalu, a local quick-growing light wood, and joining a communal Hindu ceremony of joyfully garbed locals right on the beach of Yeh Gangga.

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