17 Nov - 19 Nov 2009 Ubud

Republic of Indonesia
Never mind Indonesia, welcome to Bali, the Island of Gods
Monkey Forest Road
Stylish and spacious double room (garden bungalow) with breakfast for two, for IDR 160,000.- or US$ 17.- per night.

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Stepping back several centuries and meeting (i) creative double-ikat weavers (unique to Tenganan, gringsing is a complex and time-consuming double ikat process in which both warp and weft threads are pre-dyed), (ii) traditional egg painters, (iii) skilful basket makers, (iv) precise lontar carvers and (v) entertaining gangsa (a Balinese xylophone-like instrument) musicians at Tenganan, home of the conservative Bali Aga people (the descendants of the original Balinese who inhabited Bali before the Majapahit arrival in the 11th century CE).

Discovering the two sides (maybe Yin and Yang) of rather touristy Ubud, the town (i) where all that is magical about Bali is combined in one easy-to-love package: from nightly cultural performances on stages humble and grand to museums filled with works by artists whose creativity flowered here and on to the unbelievably green rice fields that spill down myriad hillsides to rushing rivers below; and (ii) where aggressive touts from the East (“Taxi?! Tour?! Massage?! - Cheap, cheap!”) and pompous charlatans from the West (“Astrology?! Therapy?! Rebirth?! - Cheap, cheap!”) milk their international victims.

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2009 Map Konni & Matt

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