16 Nov - 17 Nov 2009 Candidasa

Republic of Indonesia
Never mind Indonesia, welcome to Bali, the Island of Gods
Rama Bungalows
Comfortable, new double room with breakfast for IDR 220,000.- or US$ 23.30 per night.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Rama Bungalows in Candidasa, which we would highly recommend, and for directions:
S 08° 30.69' E 115° 34.37'

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Testing both dark brem aka black-rice wine (IDR 25,000.- per 0.5-litre bottle) and golden arak of grappa quality (IDR 20,000.- per litre) and afterwards exploring the Taman Tirta Gangga, a traditional but still young water palace with pools, moats, canals, fountains and statues which was built by Amlapura’s water-loving rajah in 1948 CE and was damaged in the 1963 CE eruption of Gunung Agung and again during the state-instigated political killing that rocked Indonesia two years later.

Watching the graceful, typically Balinese legong dance, characterised by flashing eyes and quivering hands, performed by a young girl elaborately made up and dressed in gold brocade.

Wandering the roads of E Bali where rice terraces spill down hillsides under swaying palms, where wild volcanic beaches are washed by pounding surf and where age-old villages soldier on with barely a trace of modernity.

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