12 Nov - 13 Nov 2009 Lovina

Republic of Indonesia
Never mind Indonesia, welcome to Bali, the Island of Gods
Spacious double room (garden bungalow) with air-con and breakfast for IDR 175,00.- or US$ 18.50 per night.

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Dodging (i) suicidally overtaking (on both sides) motor-bike drivers and (ii) ruthless truck drivers who seemed to be on a (head-on) killing spree, with both species happily being united by their frequent honking, and cruising along the crowded northern coastal road which is lined on both sides with a variety of Balinese houses, exuding beauty, balance and functionality, always equipped with little family temples located in the holiest corner of the property (in this part of the island mostly the south-eastern one thus pointing towards Gunung Agung, the holiest place on Bali as this is the site of the Pura Besakih - the Mother Temple), and often still decorated with penjors, up to 7-m high, lamp-post like arching structures with decorated ends, leftovers from the Galungan festivities in October, which are creatively made from bamboo and rice straw.

Driving through a peculiar landscape which is strewn with a moonscape of boulders from the catastrophic 1963 CE eruption of 3,142-m high Gunung Agung and passing through vast old lava flows from the volcano down to the Bali Sea.

Spotting rontal palm trees which looked like new arrivals at army boot camp, as they were shorn of their leaves as fast as they grow them in order to meet the demand for inscribed lontar books.

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